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species has a dark iron-grey pelage, and the late Mr. Consul
Swinhoe described It jts very Goat-like In aspect

Oaprcvlas.—The lios Deer has fairly complex antlers. It is
a small Doer and lias spotted young. The common IKoe jDeer^
C. capraefi, is a native of this country. It is the smallest of our
Deer, and its antlers only have three tines in stags of the third
year. It is a singular fact about this Deer that though the pair-
ID3 season is in -July and August, the young are not born until
the following May or Jim':;, a. period Vtliicli does not represent
that of gestation. The germ remains dormant for some time
before (level jpiug,

The Muntjucs, Ccrcvlvs, form a distinct generic type confined
to the Indian and the South-Eastern Paluearetic region. They

FIG, 1 53. — Mule Deer.    (Jarmcw maorotist.

are small Deer with spotted young, and short one-branched antlers
placed upon pedicels as long as themselves. The canines are
strongly developed in the males. There are about half-a-dozen
47at*m#tŁ$ is exclusively American in range, and contsinB about
twenty specsies.     There axe or axe not tipper canines.     Tbe young'